Haunted Locations

These are just a few of the locations we visit on our tour…

Emma’s Back Porch


Our starting point for Burlington Ghost Walks is the now famous Emma’s Back Porch and Water Street Cooker, 2084 Old Lakeshore Road, Burlington. Opened as “Emma’s Back Porch” in 1992, it was originally known as the Estaminet Restaurant. “Estaminet” is a French term for a modest café or bistro, especially in Flanders and the region of Picardie and northern France. Canadian troops would have learned its meaning during the First World War.

Emma Byrens and her husband George started the restaurant in 1910 – in 1943 Emma celebrated her 70th birthday here! Emma ran the well known establishment until it was sold to Reginald Cooper in 1952 (his son Brian took over in 1963 and had the addition built). This is the longest running restaurant in Ontario!

We also use Emma’s for Ghost Seminars, Media Interviews and Special Events. Emma’s and The Water Street Cooker are open 7 days a week for your dining pleasure.

Burlington-Ontario-War-MemorialBurlington Ontario War Memorial

Located on the north side of City Hall, on Brant Street, the Cenotaph features a bronze statue of a WWI Soldier.As far back as the early 1950’s local residents reported hearing and seeing things that could very well be the first ghost story to emerge in Burlington, Ontario!

The Cenotaph is a ten foot column of grey stone on a two tier stone base. On the top of the column is a seven foot bronze statue of a Canadian soldier in WWI battle-dress. It commemorates the sacrifice of local soldiers in WW1, WW2 and Korea.

We believe, as do hundreds of others who have visited this statue, that the spirit of Alfred Johnson, a soldier and later turned hero, is the ghost that is attached to the statue.

St. Luke'sSt. Luke’s Anglican Church Cemetery

St. Luke’s is the oldest Church in Burlington and was the first Anglican Church in Halton county. It includes a rather extensive cemetery that contains much of the history of the Burlington area – including the original burial place of Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant – now buried in Brantford). The land it resides on was part of the land granted to Joseph Brant by The Crown in 1798; his daughter Elizabeth and her husband William J. Kerr donated 3 acres to the Diocese to build the Church.

 What else is there to see/learn in downtown Burlington? Join us and find out!

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